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What to binge-watch on Netflix this quarantine?

What to binge-watch on Netflix this quarantine?


Bizarre things are stirring on earth these days. 2020 is not precisely how we envisioned it to be as a series of unfortunate events are happening since January, making it seem like a plot of a sci-fi nightmare. Currently being in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, where people are encouraged to work from home and impose a self-quarantine inside their houses, they are left with a lot of extra time at hand.

Since the dawn of Netflix, this is the first time, people are anxious that they might not have plenty to watch. Whether people are formally quarantined or just in self-isolation, they are probably stuck at home, desperate to be entertained. Lucky for them, TCL TVs have a dedicated Netflix button along with a pre-installed app in the TVs for the people to enjoy.

For the predictable future, the TV is going to be your bestie and ticket to salvation.

To save people some time, here is a list of top Netflix series they can binge-watch in quarantine.


Horror-themed seasons are always a hit. If you are looking for something spooky and exciting at the same time, we have a few options for you. The Haunting of Hill House, Horror Story, The Conjuring, Sinister, Oculus, ELI, Annabelle Creation, IT and Haunted are a few options to keep you wide awake at night.


Solid romance movies are hard to find with some being too cheesy and others not being up to the mark. Plus, with Netflix offering hundreds of titles, the search for the right pick can seem daunting. Marriage Story, Blue Is the Warmest Colour, Always Be My Maybe, Obvious Child, Howards End, About Time, Set It Up, The Incredible Jessica James and Blue Valentine are a few of our choices.


We have something for people who are hankering for a taste of tomorrow. Our picks for the sci-fi edition are The 100, Love Death and Robots, Lost in Space, Altered Carbon, Her, The Matrix, District 9, Hancock, and Starship Troopers.


Action-adventure genre is more apparent, as it is a category built on hair-raising explosion and harrowing exploits. Whether you are looking for the charm of modern superhero movies or gritty films, there are options for this type of audience as well. Top of the list are, Bad Boys, Ant-Man and the WaspThe Night Comes for UsIp ManThe Dark KnightAvengers: Infinity WarSpider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Best overall 

We took time to wade through Netflix’s robust catalog to give you best of all times which include, Frontier, Bloodline, Peaky Blinders, Breaking Bad, On My Block, Ozarc, La Casa De Papel (Money Heist), Limitless, Narcos, Lucifer, Black List, You, and Resurrection: Ertugrul. 

So, sit out the coronavirus tempest safely on your couch and soak up some up of the best Netflix has to offer with TCL’s Netflix button.