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UHD Vs QLED – What’s the difference?

UHD Vs QLED – What’s the difference?

Buying a new TV can be daunting. Users not very familiar with technical specs might be confused with terms such as UHD, LED, LCD, and QLED technology. People looking for new TVs often come across two common terminologies QLED – a category that uses quantum dot technology and UHD also known as 4K. 

To make our buyers' life easy, we will clearly define the differences between QLED and UHD, so that the next time you go to buy a TV, you can purchase like a pro. 

Ultra-High Definition (UHD)

 UHD is an umbrella term for 4K display. This basically refers to the amount of pixels that make up the screen display, where a 4K UHD screen has a resolution of  3840 x 2160 pixels or 8 Million Pixels. It has four times more resolution or four times better picture quality than an HD Display which is 1 Million Pixels.  UHD TV results in a very fine and crisp image owing to the high pixel count allowing the makers to manufacture larger TVs without the image quality being affected, It has better dynamic range which leads more detailing and better colour handling compared to conventional HD.

TCL UHD TVs comes with 4K HDR 10 display and Rich color expansion AI which leads to a greater viewing experience. We offer a wide range of UHD TVs comprising of models such as P715P8, P8S, and P8M. These models are available in sizes ranging from 43" - 75"

Quantum Light-Emitting Diode (QLED)

 QLED is a type of display panel which defers in its make-up compared to regular panels and is known as Quantum Light-Emitting Diode which use small Nanoparticles called Quantum Dots. QLED is the same resolution as UHD but is a premium form of LED which is a film of tiny crystal semiconductor particles whose colour output can be controlled effectively. Also, they feature an updated illuminating technology which raises the bar for the overall brightness and efficiency translating into brighter grayscales and brightness. The Quantum Dots used in manufacturing QLED resist moisture giving it a longer life. These are thin and lightweight and provide brightness up to 100 times more as compared to the other TVs. QLED possesses an even better dynamic range than conventional LEDs which leads to the excellent handling of colour changes resulting in a much lesser response time and smoother picture quality. Lastly, they consume less power making them energy efficient.

TCL’s latest range of QLED TVs include C815 and C716 which are equipped with HDR 10 plus, Dolby Vision, IPQ Engine and MEMC display which ensures consumers enjoy their favorite movies, seasons and games with an unmatched picture quality. Our QLED  models are available in sizes ranging from  50" - 65".


Both technologies are impressive and differ in performance. Now that you have a better understanding of these technologies, what are you waiting for? Pick the one that fits your requirements.