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Top 5 Netflix Trending Hits to Zest this May

Top 5 Netflix Trending Hits to Zest this May


Netflix with its treasure trove of series and movies to binge-watch has taken the TV screens of Pakistani’s by storm. From psychological thrillers to murder mysteries to contemporary romance, there is a myriad of genres for all.

With its mission to unite global audiences, Netflix boasts a wide collection of foreign movies and seasons.

The content is accessible with a paid streaming service and naturally a speedy internet connection. If you are lucky to have TCL TV, it comes with a dedicated Netflix button. One-click and you are all set.

How many of us wish to get hooked to our tv screens? All of us.

So here is a list of top 5 trending picks of this month.

  1. Resurrection Ertugrul
    No doubt this jaw-dropping season is No.1 trending show in Pakistan. This historical fiction, spread over 5 seasons, revolves around the story of Muslim Oghuz Turks and their history of the 13th century. It was originally released in 2014, with Turkish being its original language.
  2. Love Aaj Kal
    Pakistani’s love for Hindi cinema never ends. This no. 2 trending movie brings a plethora of meanings and feelings. It is a movie that tackles the dynamic of being in and finding love. Our protagonists, Veer and Zoe traverse this tricky path of love while trying their luck in finding the answers to these questions.
  3. One Day: Justice Delivered
    This race against time thriller stars Anupam Kher as a retired judge who is forced to take law in his hands to serve justice. In the meantime, (Esha Gupta) ACP Laxmi Rathi goes on to resolve the mystery of some missing people by herself.
  4. Never Have I Ever
    After going through a traumatic year with her father’s sudden death and psychosomatic paralysis, an Indian-American teenager dreams to spruce up her social status. But family, friends, and feelings won’t make it easy on her while she crushes on the school heartthrob.
  5. Money Heist
    This Netflix series has managed to stay in the limelight for quite some time now and Pakistani’s can’t get enough of it. Falling under the genre of thriller, heist, crime film and telenovela, this Netflix hit is worth watching. Stretching over 2 seasons divided into 4 parts, the story revolves around eight thieves who take hostages and lock themselves in the Royal Mint of Spain as the criminal mastermind manipulates the police to carry out his plan of the biggest heist recorder in history.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab that bucket of popcorn and start watching.