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TCL Overseas NEWSLETTER 2017

TCL Overseas NEWSLETTER  2017

TCL Corporate News

Successful conclusion of the 4th “TCL Project Hope Candlelight Award” ceremony

Jun.23, Beijing: Held in Peking University, the “TCL Project Hope Candlelight Award” Ceremony successfully concluded on June 23th. With the topic “Teacher, Country’s Light”, the purpose of the ceremony was to encourage village teachers who devote themselves to rural education.

 The Assessment Committee selected 400 excellent village teachers. And 100 teacher representatives joined the award ceremony. The award winners are provided with both cash rewards and online & offline training.

"TCL Project Hope Candlelight Award" was initiated by the China Youth Development Foundation and Shenzhen TCL Charity Foundation in 2013. It is one of the first sponsorship programs for village teachers in China. The project has seen an ongoing investment of 30 million yuan in the past five years.

TCL Corporate News

TCL received five awards from 2017 China Digital TV Grand Ceremony

 Jun. 28, Beijing: Held by CVIA (China Video Industry Association), the 12th China Digital TV Grand Ceremony 2017 launched in Beijing on June 28. Mr. Kevin WANG - TCL Corp. VP, TCL Multimedia COO and TCL Multimedia China BU GM - joined the ceremony and delivered a speech.

TCL received the following five awards at the ceremony:

Global Dynamics

TCL showcases smart TV products at Huizhou Products (Mexico) Exhibition

 June 13, Mexico City: Organized by the Huizhou Municipal People's Government and Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce, Huizhou Products (Mexico) Exhibition was held in the Mexico City Exhibition Center from June 13 to June 15. A total of 47 manufacturers with more than 6,000 products covering consumer electronics as well as household items attended the exhibition. TCL, as a leading consumer electronic company, joined the exhibition and showcased its smart TV products.

 After its successful development experience in the US, TCL recently launched its Mexican business with a local operations team. To support the American business, TCL owns a TV factory in Tijuana, Mexico.

Global Dynamics

TCL launched C70 Series in Europe

 TCL unveiled the new product C70 series in Europe in June, and held press conferences in France, Italy and Poland.

 During the press conference in Paris on June 20, Bill Jiang, General Manager of EUSC welcomed the journalists on behalf of TCL Europe. Around 30 French journalists attended the event. After the event, journalists had an on-site experience at the product demonstration zone. Bill Jiang was interviewed by Challenges, one of the most influential French media, and talked about the vision and the ambition of TCL in Europe and in the world.

 On June 21 & 22, TCL organized media events in Milan and Rome, respectively, to launch the C70 product. The two events were organized in a special way to be more intimate with the media. Around 20 media attended the events. Following that, TCL launched the C70 in Poland on June 30. During the event, the C70 won the Zloty Pixel prize for its exquisite design, picture quality as well as outstanding sound performance.


Check out the C70 TVC here:


Global Dynamics

TCL Poland sponsored GoodGame & Comic Con event in Warsaw

GoodGame & Comic Con took place in PTAK Warsaw Expo from Jun 1st to 4th. It is the first time that TCL Poland has been part of a gaming event. The event was visited by 56,097 unique victors – an impressive result.

TCL TVs were visible at every step as they were used as information screens for audiences. TCL also distributed gadgets and interacted with visitors.

GoodGame & Comic Con is the biggest pop culture festival in Poland. This year is the first time Warsaw has hosted the Comic Con event.

 Recently, TCL has sponsored a popular technology related TV program named “New Gadget” on TVN, one of the largest TV stations in Poland. The program will use TCL TV (TCL C70) in studio for several months for gadgets presentation and TCL branded content will appear during the show.



Global Dynamics

TCL celebrates Chinese President’s state visit to Russia

At the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Moscow for a two-day state visit to Russia on July 4. During the time of President Xi Jinping visit, TCL, together with other four Chinese national brands going global jointly released a welcome voice in one of the most influential Russian media Rossiyskaya Gazeta (Российская газета).

As early as 1998, TCL corporate set up a representative office in Moscow, as the first among Chinese home appliance companies. Since 2014, TCL has by far developed its TV business in Russia most successfully. According to GfK, TCL, along with Thomson, have a combined market share of 3.2% in Russia in March, 2017, a YoY growth of 78%. Supported by Merlion, one of the largest Russian companies and TCL’s strategic partner, TCL TV has entered around 10 nationwide and regional leading channels such as Media Markt and Technopark and entered 400 outlets. TCL Corporate has set up more than 260 after sales service centers across Russia. And Merlion has launched an award-wining TCL official website in Russian.


Global Dynamics

TCL Thailand initiated “TCL BIG SHARE Season 2” campaign to give back to society and calling for elderly care

On Jul.6, TCL Thailand held the opening ceremony for “TCL BIG SHARE Season 2” campaign at Ban Bang Khae Social Welfare Development Center for Older Persons. As a giveback to society and calling for elderly care, TCL donated two 55-inch smart TVs to the old and prepared nice food and snacks for 234 people including the old and staff working in the center. 25 TCL staff participated in the charity activity.

The campaign was also supported by consumers buying TCL TVs during the period from July to September. The donation to the old is partly from the sales revenue and TCL will also set up the TVs for the old and guide them in the use of smart TVs. The TVs come with a three-year warranty.

Global Dynamics

Tommy Yang, GM of TCL Thailand, said TCL is committed to the local society and encourages consumers to join hands with TCL in such charity campaign to help those old persons enjoy better life.

As one of the top 3 TV brands in Thailand, TCL Thailand has devoted itself to bringing innovative technology as well as a caring service to local consumers. TCL is always willing to make contributions to local society. This is the second year that TCL Thailand has launched this kind of charity campaign.

Global Dynamics

TCL Pakistan saw a roaring success from the C2 UHD Android TV Pre-Launch Campaign

In June, The C2 UHD Android TV planned to launch in Pakistan. Due to the excellent high-end features and quality of the product, the launch was planned in a unique way where the entire campaign was designed to be executed online – which has been a success for local team. The planning was to introduce the C2 to the Pakistan Market and to make a campaign around “Now Available for Pre-Order” where customers would be able to purchase the product on the TCL site before the launch at a special discounted price. This was the first time such a campaign had been done in the LED TV industry in Pakistan.

 What’s more, TCL aligned with the largest online store in Pakistan,, to concurrently run and advertise the campaign on their website.

The campaign was held for 10 days. A total of 46 units were pre-sold before launch by customers who hadn’t even physically seen the TV. This was a testament to the high-quality features and build of the C2 product. Apart from Sales, the campaign generated immense interest in C2 where a lot of customers went to purchase the product as soon as it was available, which resulted in it being sold out within the first week of market launch.



Monthly Special

TCL OBC held training programs for overseas service engineers Foreign service engineers talk about TCL

From July 3 to 6, TCL Multimedia Overseas Business Center held a technical training for overseas engineers. A total of 40 engineering elites arrived from around 20 countries including the United States, Germany, Russia, Australia, Vietnam, Israel, Madagascar and Mauritius. All of the them received a TCL service technical training certificate following a four-day training course. This is the eighth consecutive technical training held by Overseas Business Center, and it was warmly welcomed by participants. The training program has trained more than 500 trainees from more than 100 countries.


Paul Su, Service Director of TCL OBC, explained that the training was following the overseas service trends with 12 courses developed in house. The training program is a bridge between TCL and its partners. Every participant is just like an ambassador to bring TCL service quality to the world, thereby enhancing the local service ability, satisfying local customers in addition to building up TCL brand image.


Monthly Special


Aleksandr Suprun Vladislavovich comes from Russia and is a technical director of a home appliance manufacturing factory which employs more than 200 workers. Two months ago, his company officially started business with TCL. He said that in Russia, manufacturers will also organize skills training, but the training interval is relatively long and there is a lack of consistency. Also, most trainings are online and have limited effect. TCL's service management training courses bring him a lot of benefits, he said.

Monthly Special

Denver Dublada is a member of TCL Multimedia North America. For Christmas in 2013, his brother bought a TCL 42-inch TV, which was Denver’s first TCL TV. In 2015, he happened to see a TCL recruitment advertisement. After interviews and testing, in October that year, Denver officially became a member of TCL North America, and engaged in after-sales service work.

 "TCL is currently the fastest growing TV brand in North America," Denver said. Early this year, TCL North America started an advertising campaign at New  York  Times Square, which gave the team great encouragement. In the United States, consumers can buy TCL products from online and offline channels such as Wal-Mart, Amazon, Costco, Sam's Club. The relation between the North American team and local channel customers is very close. Customers will send them an email or give them a call whenever they are in need of support and TCL is always on call. After joining TCL, Denver was surprised by the fluent English of Chinese colleagues. Every year, each overseas branch sends local staff to China HQ to participate in training. This training was the second time that Denver had come to China to attend the relevant courses.

 "Two years ago, not too many Americans knew about TCL, but now TCL's popularity and reputation have grown considerably." Denver added with a smile: "In addition to television, TCL air conditioning in North America is also growing fast, I hope more TCL products, such as washing machines, refrigerators can be carried in the United States.”

Monthly Special

Rakotoarijaona Andrianiaina Patrick has been engaged in the color TV repair industry for 13 years. He was impressed by TCL partners’ smile during the four-day training. "TCL staff have been smiling to us, take us to visit the factory, and understand the full range of TCL products." Rakotoarijaona said that in Mauritius, China's TV brand momentum is strong. He learned about the TCL brand for the first time 19 months ago. He believes that TCL products are well designed and of good quality. Also, the procedure for maintenance is not as complicated as with other brands. The training content is easy to understand and put into practice. "We locate the TV defect, then try to repair the machine, which is something that is rarely offered by training programs from other manufacturers." Rakotoarijaona is a fan of electronic products and a DJ. "I love Chinese food! Next time I want to take my wife to China. We want to taste all the food there!" he enthused.