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TCL Born A Legend

TCL Born A Legend


Celebrating the heroes among us who despite all odds never gave up is one of the many things we take pride in. Following are some of the heroes with whom TCL partnered, these heroes are those who even after facing myriads of difficulties never gave up:


  • Karishma Inayat:


            Karishma belongs to the picturesque remote area of Shimshal, Gilgit Baltistan. She had to face many negative stereotypes for her passion for football. But she never lost hope and fought her way through the barriers which led her to represent Pakistan in the Jubilee Games in Dubai in 2016. Entry in the jubilee games was not an easy affair as she had to give several trials to get selected. When she came back, she started a club for girls in her village where they could show their football skills and enjoy the game. This became a movement and led to inspiring over 200 families in her area who encouraged their daughters to play football and bring a positive change to their lives.

  • Zenith Irfan:


            Dubbed as the “Motorcycle Girl of Pakistan”. Getting this title was never easy for Zenith. Zenith was motivated to undertake her journey because of her father. It was his dream to travel the world on a motorcycle but due to unforeseen circumstances he couldn't. She decided she would never let her father’s dream die, as she strongly believes that a dream is like an idea and ideas cannot die. She started learning how to ride a motorcycle and in this task his brother helped her a lot. Learning to ride a motorbike was never easy as she had to face a lot of difficulties in the form of negative feedback from the people. During the learning process she fell from the motorbike many times, but Zenith further believed that, why do we fall? so that we can learn to pick ourselves back up. Whatever the situation she faced, she never backed down and kept on fighting and ultimately achieved her dreams. Her struggle resulted in her becoming one of the few women who travelled across Pakistan towards one of the highest roads in the world leading to Khunjerab Pass. Later on, she was also featured in a movie inspired by her travels.


  • Kamran Akmal:


   The international star of Pakistan’s cricket had to start from very humble beginnings. The journey was not easy but then again he never gave up. Before he became an international cricketing star, he was just a regular guy who had an extraordinary passion for cricket. In the start he used to play cricket in his neighborhood, he was so passionate about cricket that whatever role he got which even included serving water to the team he would give his 100 percent. When he first went to give trial for U-15 cricket team, he didn’t have the resources to purchase the kit and sports bag, what he did he borrowed it from his friends and for the bag he used a wheat sack. He had to face a lot of hardships during his journey but these hardships ultimately resulted in him becoming a successful batsman/wicketkeeper for Pakistan’s cricket team, inspiring and entertaining millions around the globe. In this journey, he was never alone, as he gives special credit to his father for supporting him.