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5 Netflix Shows to Get Cozy with This December

5 Netflix Shows to Get Cozy with This December

We are now deep into the closing stages of a tumultuous year in the shape of 2020, and people are constantly looking for ways to keep themselves occupied amidst the pandemic. Thankfully, Netflix has us all covered with a wide variety of TV Shows, Comedy Specials, and Movies that are constantly being updated and are available to be streamed on the platform.


Luckily for us, TCL takes special care of people’s needs in these trying times and has added a dedicated Netflix button and a pre-installed application for the streaming platform enabled on their televisions. Here is a curated list of some of the top shows that we recommend watching before 2020 ends.



Genre: Action/Thriller

Following the story of an ex-army doctor in Afghanistan, this action thriller is perfect for those who enjoy an element of “slice of life” goodness in their action flicks. The movie seamlessly shifts between being a sports drama with its intensely suspenseful Cricket matches, a nail-biting action thriller with its high budget action scenes, and an emotional rollercoaster with stellar performances from the cast which includes superstars Sanjay Dutt and Nargis Fakhri.


2. The Queens Gambit

Genre: Historical Drama/Cerebral

The show that is singlehandedly responsible for a recent spike in global popularity of Chess, The Queens Gambit is based on the life of an orphaned Chess prodigy who aims to become the best Chess player in the world. The path she takes to her destination and the characters she runs into along the way are what make this show the masterpiece it is.


3. Ludo

Genre: Anthology/ Dark Comedy

Boasting a star-studded cast and Anurag Basu spearheading as a producer, Ludo is chock full of exciting scenes and meandering twists. Subversive in the genres it employs and full of moments that will make you laugh while also keeping you on the verge of jumping off your couch, this unique crime film will surely have you glued to the screen waiting to see the end!


4.   Resurrection: Ertugrul

Genre: Historical Islamic Fiction

Sometimes dubbed the “Muslim Game of Thrones”, this show is here to stay. Packed full of adventure, the Turkish historical fiction series focuses on the central character of Ertugrul Ghazi and his role in the making of the legendary Ottoman Empire. The 13th-century setting and the grandeur of the show are what contribute to this show’s supreme quality and the show itself has more than 400 episodes on Netflix so it is sure to keep you occupied for a while.


5.   Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives

Genre: Reality Television

This show focuses on the stellar lives of the wives of four Bollywood actors; Samir Soni, Sanjay Kapoor, Chunky Pandey, and Sohail Khan. The focus is on these four fun-loving women and the show highlights the different things they go through on an average day. Like any other top-quality reality TV show, the show is littered with brilliant, honest moments as the subjects of the show reveal themselves.


You can now stream all these and an array of other top-quality TV shows and movies on TCL’s new QLED range, with products dedicated to enriching your in-home life.