GBGFL (Gilgit Baltistan Girls Football League) 2019

TCL in partnership with Zalmi Foundation and Karishma Inayat (Born a legend brand ambassador and represented Pakistan in Jubilee Games, Dubai in 2016), organized the second edition of GBGFL (Gilgit Baltistan Girls Football League) in Hunza.

GBGFL (Gilgit Baltistan Girls Football League) 2019
A girl’s football league that to in a region of Gilgit Baltistan was nothing less than an achievement. This event aimed to promote women’s empowerment through sports. This year the league had 120 players and eight teams that came head to head with each other. The teams included Shimshal, Chipurson, Shishkat, Passu, Sost, Hunza, Khyber & Gircha, divided into two pools of four teams each and the top four played the semi-finals. Out of these eight teams, Chipurson and Shimshal qualified for the finals. Both teams gave their best, in the end, Chipurson were crowned the winners of the league. Over time, TCL aims to support such initiatives that cause a betterment in people’s lives ultimately benefiting society as a whole.

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