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Elite TAC-18HEB 1.5 Ton

Elite TAC-18HEB 1.5 Ton

Elite TAC-12HEB 1.0 Ton

TCL brings the heat & cool energy-efficient inverter series, which equipped with the latest cooling technology with smart airflow, which saves your electricity power up to 66%. It's Dual Rotatory compressor gives the more powerful cooling in extreme temperature. TCL AC comes with a Fireproof Electric box, which reduces or eliminates any threat of fire breakout. Elite Invertor starting its power operation from 160V volt, with intelligent photosensitive control. Bring TCL AC to your life for better comfort.

  • Double Swing
  • Energy Efficient
  • Full BTU 46°
  • Inverter
  • Self Cleaning
  • Smart Air Flow
  • Super Quiet
  • Turbo Mode
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    Elite 1.0 Ton TAC-12HEB

    Fast Cooling & Heating

    Turbo function will be helpful to cool or heat your room quickly and effectively by operating at the maximum fan speed for 30 minutes. After 66Hz high-frequency starting, outlet temperature can be decreased to 18℃ in just 30min, also, it can be increased to 40℃ in just 60min, which can provide rapid cooling/ heating experience to users


    Innovative engineering by TCL ensures premium and extreme strong cooling technology even High Ambient temperatures. TCL AC delivers full BTU even at 48 C

    Energy saving mode

    With an Energy Efficiency ratio of 3.04 TCL Inverter Technology works with the window of 0.1C variation in refrigeration and adjust the amper consumption quickly to save energy, and help the user to bring down the electricity consumption hence reduction in domestic Electricity bills up to 66% or Rs.45000 ANNUALLY.

    4D Smart Airflow

    TCL with air dynamics help user get maximum satisfaction in terms of air flow. In Cooling mode the air is blown towards the ceiling to provide the user with "Shower style" air rendering where as in Heating mode the air is blown to wards the floor of the room so that the "Blanket style" heating could be enjoyed

    Fire proof technology

    TCL Inverter Air Conditioner has safety centric build with Fireproof Control Box that supports long term performance.

    Auto Restart

    TCL Air conditioner provides you Auto Restart option, in case of an accidental power cut, the air conditioners are able to retain and restore the temperature and other settings, until being turned on or the power supply is resumed.

    ECO-Friendly Mode

    One button control to start up the mode. The air-con cools the room much faster and then operates at low frequency but keeps the desired temperature.

    5 speed air flow control

    TCL Inverter Air Conditioner gives you a five-speed airflow option which includes Super / High / Medium / Low / Quiet speed settings allow the perfect wind intensity to be specified.

    100% Copper tubing

    TCL Inverter Air Conditioner provides 100% Copper Tubing in Indoor and Outdoor Unit which increases the efficiency of heat transfer.

    I set. I feel

    With dual censors in Indoor unit as well as AC remote help the user to attain smart Cooling as the censor in remote control will detect the surrounding temperature and will help the system to bring it to required leve.Once it is activated, the air-conditioner will remember all of your settings automatically and will have them restored the next time you press the button

    One touch Self Cleaning

    After Running for particular period the air Conditioner will automatically detect the cleanliness of the filter & remind user of cleaning the filter, so that accumulation of harmful bacteria may be avoided & user could enjoy the clean & Healthy air.

    Sleep Mode

    Through the redirection of air flow of Coanda effect, air flow is sent through the 14 Vertical Vanes & 1372 Micro Holes for diffusion, in order to avoid direct air flow and provide shower style gentle soft wind

    Healthy Filter

    TCL Air conditioner provides Silver Ion Filter which helps to remove bacteria from Air inside the room ensuring pure, fresh and cool air.

    Filter-cleaning Reminder

    After running for a particular period, the air-con will automatically detect the cleanliness of the filter and remind users of cleaning

    4 way air flow

    With four Dimensions of air inner lourvue swing and 5 type of air flows vertically help user experience the maximum user friendly dual swing. the vector precision Air supply and user functionality at selecting the more conducive air flow as per the requirement

    Dual Rotatory Compressors

    Dual Rotatory Operation will help the compressor to operate at 7 - 17% improved efficiency, Vibrations are reduced to 1/13th of the single rotatory compressor and the noise of the operation is brought down to the lowest possible level of 3 - 5 DBs

    General Parameters

    • Fixed or Inverter
      DC Inverter
    • Cooling Capacity BTU
    • Heating Capacity BTU
    • Power Input(W)-Cooling
    • Power Input(W)-Heating
    • Running Current(A)-Cooling
    • Running Current(A)-Heating
    • EER (w/w)


    • Color
    • Type
      Wall Mount
    • Display
      Hidden LED


    • Smart Memory
    • Smart Learning
      I See/ I Feel

    Main Parts

    • Refrigerant

    Net Dimension and Weight

    • ID Dimension (mm)
      777 x 250 x 205
    • OU Dimension (mm)
      754 x 300 x 52
    • Indoor Net Weight(kg)
    • Outdoor Net Weight(kg):

    Electrical Data

    • Rated Voltage
    • Rated Frequency

    Healthy Features

    • Filter Clearning Reminder
    • Leakage Detection


    • Indoor Noise[dB(A)]
    • Outdoor Noise[dB(A)]


    • Parts
      1 Year
    • Compressor
      3 Years